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Kiralily Healing

Sage Goddess Perfumes Destash

Sage Goddess Perfumes Destash

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These are all previously purchased from Sage Goddess. They were never used or used once. All will be sanitized before being shipped out. 

Charmed : blended notes of rose de mai for love and beauty, angelica root for spiritual restoration, palmarosa for a lift in spirit, broom for higher self-activation, and cabreuva for tranquility. (roller ball top)

Primal: notes of Amber, styrax absolute, dark patchouli, narcissus, birch tar, and lavender absolute. Seductive and grounding. Helps you connect to your animal guides. (roller ball top)

Desert Dream Oud Mist: notes of oud, musk, and amber. For relaxation, deepened meditation, and balance. (spray)

Ritualist: notes of black frankincense for rejuvenation and protection, resinoid oakmoss for earthly healing, vanilla for warmth, frangipani absolute for creation, amyris wood for relaxation, high quality lavender, white champaka for stress relief. (roller ball top)

Ultimate Sage Goddess perfume: African white sage, sage form Spain, Hungarian sage, and California white sage. (roller ball top)

All descriptions taken from Sage Goddess website.

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