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Kiralily Healing

Manifestation Soy Candle

Manifestation Soy Candle

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Kiralily Healing is a reiki and energy healing practice. We make custom candles that are meant to accompany a healing session, but can be used on their own to bring you into a space of healing.

The Manifestation candle was designed to help you envision and act on your goals!

Egyptian Amber: brings balance and stability, building wisdom in your spiritual house. Cleanses the sacral chakra.

Vetiver: aids in finding peace and centering and opening the heart chakra.

Dragon's Blood: protection and cleansing, amplify manifestations.

Cashmere: spiritual relief and strengthening

Cinnamon essential oil: cleansing, ward off undesirable thoughts or feelings

Organic Anise Seed (herb): spiritual protection

Organic Mugwort (herb): opens the doors to perception and vision, create a protected space for divination

Topped with Elderflower and Helichrysum, with amethyst and red jasper chip stones. Quartz chips at the bottom and copper dust on the top for amplification.

**All sales are final**

As these candles are all made by hand, each candle will be slightly different and could have minor imperfections. These candles have a wood wick. Please keep wood wicks short for best burning (if flame does not reach wax, it will not stay lit). Just do not allow wick to become level with wax. Any issues, please let me know!


All healing benefits described are for your information only. I make no guarantee of said benefits. If you are having a medical emergency or serious health concern, please see a medical professional. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

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