What even is Reiki or Energy Healing?

What even is Reiki or Energy Healing?

Most events I do, I have people come over that have no idea what Reiki is.

So I thought maybe I would write this out here, that maybe others following me truly don’t know.

I share the benefits often, as that is usually what most care about. But let’s back it up to the basics.

As someone that has a bachelor’s of science degree, I tend to describe the basics of what Reiki is by starting with science.


We all learned in physics at some point in our education, about energy.

In physics, energy is the capacity or ability to do work, or to exert a force that causes an object to move. It's a quantitative property that can be transferred from one object to another to perform work.


So, like you pushing a lawn mower.

Now let’s look at energy from an emotional standpoint. How does your energy feel when you are happy? Are you more energized, feel lighter? Now think of your energy if you are sad, stressed, or anxious. Are you not more tired, sluggish, less motivated?


So combining the physics definition and the emotional thoughts of energy- if you are sad, stressed, anxious, and therefore your energy is low; you then have less capacity or ability to do work. You are stuck.


What Reiki aims to do is shift, remove, or balance that stuck energy. Putting your energy back in a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. Giving you back more capacity and shifting your emotional energy to a more relaxed, peaceful, or even energized state.


There are many scientific studies out there about how stress affects the body and how it can cause disease. So Reiki is a preventative and supportive method of healing.


Does this give you a better idea about what Reiki is and what it can do for you?

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