How Often Should I Come For Reiki Sessions?

How Often Should I have Reiki Sessions?


This is a question that I get asked a lot. And honestly, there is no one size fits all answer. A lot depends on your reason for coming for a session.

Are you coming for;



A chronic illness?




A general answer is, the more Reiki sessions you do, the better. Many practitioners recommend at least once a month for 6 consecutive months. It’s kind of like, say you have a horrible headache. You take 1 advil. This relieves some pain for a short time, but you end up needing more.


As a new reiki business, I am so honored and thrilled when you choose me to try out Reiki. I am happy to hold that space for you and am always hoping you saw the benefits from your session. And if that one session was beneficial, what more could we heal or open up with more than one session?


As my business has not been around long enough to watch the progression of healing for someone doing regular sessions for 14 months or more, I am including this part of an article by Lillie Marshall.


“Here is a story from a client who did Reiki once a month for fourteen continuous months. When this man first came in, he was dealing with a chronic physical illness, as well as extremely painful grief. During our first session, his energy was frenetic and jagged, and he was having trouble breathing, he was so worked up. Through Reiki, I worked with him to begin to find a way to help energy start to flow and find calm again. 

Crying during Reiki is common in states like this, and this client’s sobs during our first session helped release some of the tension. At the end of that hour, the man had made huge headway in finding balance. He thanked me profusely and walked out. Now, some people might have stopped booking after that first release — but this man made the wise choice of signing up for another session for the following month. 

Over a year later, I just saw this client for his fourteenth Reiki session and let me tell you: he is an absolutely different person now, in the best way imaginable. His energy is flowing and healthy (I can see it clearly in his chakra colors, as well as his affect), and his physical and emotional state is balanced and vibrant. He has worked through his grief and started to come out the other side, and he has found a number of ways in addition to Reiki to manage his chronic illness. He positively glows now!

Seeing this man’s progress through monthly Reiki meditation sessions over the course of a year, I couldn’t help but wonder: What would his life be like if he hadn’t made such a powerful commitment to self-care and self-improvement? It’s clear to me that he made the right choice to book Reiki more than once.”


We will work together to determine what is the right space between sessions for you. If there is a financial burden, let’s discuss it! We may be able to work together to come up with a plan when you commit to regular sessions. My why in starting this business was a desire to help people heal. I am here to help.

For your highest good,



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